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Studies show that working out in a group is one of the most effective ways to achieve your fitness goals.  It provides motivation, accountability, and puts you in a group of people with similar goals to yourself.

Reasons to Choose MAX Group Fitness

  • Studio vibe and quality: Whether you get strong at a Strength class, get sweaty at a Spin class, or get stretchy at a Yoga class, one thing remains the same – you get one of the highest quality classes in town. Our small class sizes and expert staff deliver a studio style vibe that will make you feel like you’re training at a boutique facility, without paying boutique prices.

  • Made fresh, every day: We go beyond a “workout of the day” to “workout of the class.” Every day, our trainers build a brand new routine for every single group class. That ensures you train your whole body, but also keeps things fresh, fun, and interesting. Keeping you mentally engaged is just as important as getting you sweating!

  • Works with your schedule: With over 100 classes a week, you have options on when and how you workout. Even if you really like to mix things up, you don’t have to travel to multiple places thanks to our robust offering of strength and conditioning, yoga, and spin classes.

  • Comprehensive instruction: Before each class begins, your Trainer will demonstrate every exercise to ensure you know what to do and how to do it safely for your body. They’re also ready with modifications or a little assistance should you need it.

Class Descriptions

You’ll find all of these classes on our weekly schedule. We encourage you to keep it interesting by trying out something new, even once you’ve found your favourite.

Your journey starts here! Built to allow for more instruction time and conducted at a lower intensity, this class offers a full-body workout via exercises that anyone can do. It is the perfect 1st class, but will still challenge you at your 101st.

Slow, steady, and sometimes heavy, this is our most popular class for a reason! Using dumbbells, kettle bells, and body weight, this class focuses on low intensity, long duration sets to give you a great full-body workout. And because you control the pace and weight, this is perfect for beginners and advanced alike.

HIIT is scientifically proven to deliver great results in less time.  MAX offers 5 formats, ensuring anyone can find an empowering group class that fits their needs.

    • Tabata: This is the ultimate interval training experience.  The format, used all over the world, has 20 seconds of activity followed by 10 seconds of rest, across a range of exercises.  It’s fast but fun, and fits any fitness level.
    • Total Conditioning (Levels 1, 2, and Express): Made up of 45-second timed drills, all our TC classes (including Express) challenge your speed, agility, and strength to give you a great overall fitness class that build strength and cardio, using a wide-range of timed movements. Try TC 1 if you’re new to the HIIT experience!
    • Cardio and Core: Get ready to really blast your aerobic fitness while building that strong core. This class will help increase cardio endurance while delivering a well-rounded cross-training experience.
    • Redline (Advanced): This is our most challenging class so be ready to work hard! This 60 minutes experience has minimal rest with maximum intensity across a combination of strength, cardio, power and agility work.
    • Friday Special: It’s hard to describe a class that is brand new every 7th day!  Our coaches bring fun and innovation every Friday, mixing up your routine for a new experience every time. A great choice for any level of fitness.

    • MetCon: This high intensity metabolic conditioning class is sure to accelerate your fitness results. This unique class focuses on team success as exercises are completed as a group!

Dim lights, loud music, and moving to the beat, this class is a party on a bike. Perfect for everyone who wants a low-impact cardio workout, our supportive coaches and high-energy community environment will have your legs and heart pumping.   

Using Pilates fundamentals, this mat-based, high-energy class will use light toning weights to tone the entire body and leave you feeling longer and leaner. Appropriate for all fitness levels.

  • Yoga Flow: A Vinyasa-style class, this flowing sequence will take you through the fundamental poses while increasing strength, flexibility, and mindfulness. Appropriate for all fitness levels.
  • Yin Yoga: Asana-based, this gentle, meditative class is comprised of holding poses to achieve maximum openness. An excellent complement to those who train hard in other forums. Appropriate for all fitness levels.

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Recorded Workouts

Not able to make it into the gym? Check out our YouTube channels of a huge variety of recorded workouts, including strength, total conditioning, spin, yoga and more!

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