Reach Your Goals Faster With Personal Training

The reasons to work with a Personal Trainer are almost endless. Whether you’re coming back from an injury or illness, want to take your training to the next level, or just recognize that you need that extra level of motivation and accountability to reach your goals, Personal Training can be just the ticket.

What’s Included

All plans begin with a free comprehensive Personal Training assessment, the purpose of which is to better understand you and your goals. This step includes a Functional Mobility Screen to identify any areas of weakness, imbalance, or injury. We’re all about building a program that works specifically for your body and your life.

Personalized workouts are developed for you by your Trainer, who then guides you through the exercises in your one-on-one sessions.  All MAX Personal Trainers are dedicated to ensuring teaching proper technique and form, so that you can take what you learn with you and feel confident in the gym. Each session is always different to keep things interesting and your progress is recorded so that it can measured over time. 

Personal Training plans can be based on just some of the following:

  • Athletic Training: Great for athletes looking to enhance overall sports performance.
  • Body Composition: Perfect for those looking to modify their existing physique.
  • Active Living: A great fit for those who want to improve balance, strength, and stability.
  • Rehabilitation: Designed to assist in rehabilitation and reduce likelihood of re-injury.
  • Exercise Education: For those who are new to fitness or just want a little extra guidance.

We select staff who are highly passionate, educated, and trained. That means we have an incredible depth and breadth of expertise to draw on for optimizing individual fitness plans, including modifications for your body’s needs. 

Introductory Offer

Try Personal Training and get 3 sessions for just $99. Please note this is a one time offer, available only to new Personal Training clients.

3 Sessions

Need a little kick start to your routine or some assistance with an injury or setback? Book 3 sessions for just $165.

12 Sessions

Ready to truly commit to your fitness journey? Book a 12-pack now for $600.


Want to train with a friend or loved one? Contact us for rates.

Still not sure if Personal Training is right for you? Get in touch for a free assessment.

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