Here at MAX Fitness, we have developed a comprehensive reopening plan in line with public health regulations. We are dedicated to keeping the MAX Community safe, while still ensuring a fantastic gym going experience.

MAX Fitness will be reopening on Monday, June 29th . We are committed to openness and transparency throughout this process and will be communicating updates to our members regularly, through our website, email and social media outlets.

Our goal with the policies below is to keep our members safe. They will be evolving over time to ensure we are in line with public health guidelines and are maintaining the appropriate standard of care as the situation in our community changes. These policies are subject to change, based on the changing environment and regulations. We will do our best to update you on changes as quickly as possible.

Please familiarize yourself will all the new policies and procedures prior to coming to the gym. Please pay particular attention to which activity you will be completing, and instructions vary for each.


MAX Fitness has introduced a number of measures designed to promote safety . We are all in this
together. In addition to the measures put in place by MAX Fitness, we also need your participation and
support to keep the gym clean and safe for everyone.

  • The entire facility will be deep cleaned twice daily; once midday and once overnight.
  •  There will be 15 minute cleaning breaks in between each group class.
  •  High touch areas will be cleaned frequency, including door handles, desks, washrooms etc.
  •  All MAX Fitness and reception staff will be required to wear a face mask, disposable gloves and have required handwashing after cleaning. The only exception is for group fitness coaches performing heavy exercise.
  • Members will be required to wipe down their equipment with the disinfectant provided.
  •  Protective barriers have been installed at our reception area.
  •  There will be only ten lockers available in each locker room. After each use, please clean the
    handle and any touched area of the locker.
  •  There will be increased signage for safe practices in the gym. There will be floor markings to indicate directional flow, designated workout areas and waiting areas.
 The following high-touch services will be suspended with the health and safety of our members and staff in mind. These restrictions are following the expected provincial guidelines and not were made by MAX Fitness.
  • Use of showers will be prohibited.
  • Use of the water fountain will be prohibited.
  • Our coffee service will be suspended.
  • The towel service will be suspended.
  • No shared amenities in locker rooms (hair brushes, blow dryer, etc).


  • Due to social distancing protocols, how you attend classes will look a little different than before.
  • We ask that you come ready to exercise and refrain as much as possible from using the change rooms and lockers.
  • Please arrive no more than 5 minutes prior to your class, to allow for controlled traffic through the building. If you do arrive more than 5 minutes prior to your class, please wait in the marked waiting area outside of the building and wait for a MAX Fitness staff member to greet you outside when it is time to enter the building.
  • Enter the building through the new “Fitness Centre Entrance” located before the main double entrance doors. This door will bring you to the stairwell. You will turn right and follow the signage to enter the main reception area. All members must check in at the front desk with a Customer Service Rep to confirm your booking.
  • As we return to the gym the fob system will be disable in order to control the flow of people in and out of the building and remain under capacity. Members will have gym access only through the check in process.
  • To check in members will answer a few screening questions at the front desk, including if they present with any COVID-19 symptoms, to ensure all members are healthy.
  • Hand sanitizing stations will be set up throughout the building and in front of the studios, and we ask that you sanitize prior to entering the class.
  • Please do not attend the gym if you feel sick, we will remove any late cancellations for anyone who feels sick. Please email [email protected] to let us know.
  • Once your workout is complete, please ensure you exit the building promptly to avoid increased traffic in the open gym space and building.


Strength and Conditioning Classes

To ensure all fitness members, no matter their fitness level have the ability to attend at least one workout per day, we have adjusted our group fitness offerings, including the schedule and class format. When designing the new schedule, we looked closely at past data from peak times of the year to ensure adequate capacity.

  • Strength and conditioning classes will have a reduced capacity of a maximum of 6 participants per class to allow for social distancing.
  • Within the classes, each participant will have a designated workout station, where you will workout for the entirety of the class. Due to COVID-19 there will be not rotating stations so that members do not need to share of equipment. We have purchased new equipment so we can have numerous people using the same equipment at once.
  • Each workout station will be clearly marked.
  • There will be a higher number of classes offered throughout the week to compensate for reduced capacity. The number of classes will be on par with our winter class schedule, which will be much more robust than our typical summer schedule.
  • Class times will be reduced to 45 or 30 minutes in order to facilitate the cleaning of the facility and equipment in between each class. The structure of the class has been modified to accommodate for the reduction in time, so you still get the same great workout.
  • Hand sanitizing stations will be set up throughout the building and in front of the studios, and we ask that you sanitize prior to entering the class.
  • Classes will have a 15 minute break in between for proper sanitation of equipment and the studio.
  • All classes will be appropriate for all fitness levels. Modifications will be provided by the trainer to adjust the workout difficulty level.
  • Weekend strength and conditioning classes will have increased capacity of a maximum of 20 people, and they will located the in gymnasium to allow for proper social distancing.
  • Weather depending, when possible group classes will be located outdoors. This will increase the class capacity while maintaining social distance.
  • Due to changes in format of classes, we will be switching to three types of classes. You can view the new class schedule on our website and mobile app. The purpose of this is to ensure members receive a comprehensive total body workout throughout the week.
    • Strength (Monday, Wednesday, Friday)
    • Total Conditioning (Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday)
    • Saturday Special (Saturday)

What to do when you come for Strength and Conditioning classes:

  • When admitted into the gym, you can place your items in the locker rooms if you need to. However, as noted above we encourage anyone who can do so to arrive ready to workout and refrain from using lockers as they are very high touch surfaces. We have blocked off a number of lockers for our members’ safety.
  • Once you are ready to attend class you will wait along the wall in clearly marked waiting areas.
  • When it is time for the class to start the instructor will open the door and instruct you on how to enter the room properly.

Spin Class

  • Spin classes will take place in the gymnasium, therefore we will be able to maintain our regular capacity of 19 participants.
  • Each bike will be appropriately spaced to the required distance apart.
  • Each spin bike will have a spray bottle, members will be required to clean their bike before and after each use.
  • There will be no small sweat towels available. We encourage you to bring your own.

What to do when you come to Spin class:

  • Enter the building via the Fitness Centre Entrance 5 minutes before your class and access the gymnasium via the front stairwell (not through the Fitness Centre).
  • For Spin class, there will be no utilization of the locker rooms to ensure low traffic through a small space such as the open gym.
  • Please follow the arrows to the gymnasium and place any belongings in a cubby before entering the gymnasium. Any valuable belongings will be allowed to be kept with you in your personal space in the spin class.


  • Yoga Classes will continue to take place in Studio 3 and have a reduced capacity of 6 participants.
  • There will be markers outlined on the floor for your yoga mats to ensure proper social distancing.
  • We encourage you to bring your own mat for sanitation reasons, however we will have mats that you can use.
  • If you use a mat from the studio, please ensure to spray and clean before and after using the mat.
  • There will be no access to Yoga blocks, bolsters or blankets.

What to do when you come to class:

  • For yoga classes there will be no utilization of the locker rooms to ensure low traffic through a small space such as the open gym. Any valuable belongings will be allowed to be kept with you in your personal space.
  • Once you are ready to attend class you will wait along the wall in clearly marked waiting areas.
  • When it is time for the class to start the instructor will open the door and instruct you on how to enter the room properly.



  • The open gym will have reduced capacity in order to allow for social distancing measures.
  • Every second piece of cardio equipment will be restricted for use, and there will be maximum capacities for each of our areas in the gym (i.e. no more than 4 people in the weight room at a single time).
  • There is a directional flow pattern around the gym, please follow the arrows to ensure proper social distancing of all members.
  • The open gym will operate on a booking system, it will be just like booking a class in your MAX app, please see below for more information on how to book.
  • Open gym slots will be every hour (on the hour) in order to reduce the number of people in the gym and reduce the traffic throughout the building.
  • Simply book yourself in for a slot and check in with the CSR at the front desk when you arrive.
  • Members will be required to clean every piece of equipment you use before and after each use. We have increased cleaning supplies throughout the gym to allow for this.
  • Please note that we have designated a private training area for personal training at the end of the turf space in the open gym. Please ensure no personal training is occurring in the space before using this space. Studio 2 will also be utilized as a private training area and a class space. Please ensure no class or personal training is occurring before use.


  • Personal Training will look very much as it used to. For added safety, we have designated private training areas where only the personal trainer and the client will be allowed.
  • These personal training areas are at end of the turf space in the open gym as well as Studio 2. These areas will be clearly marked.
  • Appointment booking for personal training clients will not change.
  • Please follow the same sign in process for personal training as classes and open gym bookings.

What to do when you come to your personal training session:

  • Please follow all the arrival guidelines highlighted above (i.e. do not show up 5 minutes before your session, come ready for your session, refrain from locker use)
  • Let the customer service representative know you are there for a personal training session.
  • Within five minutes of your session, we ask that you please wait outside of the fitness facility outside of studio 3 where we have spaces marked out with appropriate distance
  • The trainer will come out and admit you into the facility once it is time for the session.


All MAX Fitness memberships that were active prior to the shutdown will be resumed on June 29th.  Once this happens, and your membership has been resumed, bi-weekly payments will return to their scheduled dates from pre-COVID-19. All active memberships will resume unless you have been in contact with our team and explicitly been told otherwise.

If there were any special arrangements with your membership prior to the COVID-19 shut down they will carry forward upon reopening. If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to us at [email protected] or 709-733-7330. 


Classes and open gym times will available to book in advance of Monday.  We are opening our bookings to all  Friday, June 26th. Some general information and policy around bookings:

  • Members must book open gym time in advance through the Max Fitness app, walk ins will not be permitted due to capacity regulations.
  • Members can book into pre-scheduled 1 hour workout time slots up to 7 days in advance.
  • Members are welcome to book one workout per day.
  • You can view the open gym times, new class schedule and class descriptions in the app.


How to Book

As was the case prior to the shutdown, group fitness will be booked through the MAX Fitness app.  Open gym times must also be booked through the app.

Using the App for Bookings:

  1. Open MAX Fitness app
  2. Select Main Menu (top left corner)
  3. Select either Open Gym or Fitness Classes
  4. Select Time and Click “Book Class”

As memberships are resuming on Monday, if you attempt to book a class prior to Monday, the system will prompt you to complete an extra step. This will be a one-time process.

  • Follow the steps above and select a time you would like to book and select “Book Class”
  • You will then be prompted to purchase a pass for $0. This will allow you to make bookings while your membership remains suspended until Monday.
  • Select the free pass and click on “Buy” at the checkout.
  • Once this is done, your registration will be complete.

Download the App!

Don’t have the app yet? Download the MAX Fitness app for easy booking and view this information online on our Our Classes page.

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